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Training Services

Designing, operating, and maintaining electrical power systems

Industry advancements in technology and safety demand continuing education and training for electrical engineers, electricians and test technicians.

In order to keep our own staff and our clients up to date, ELECT, P.C. has developed the following training courses. These are classroom-type sessions lasting 2-4 hours. If you are interested in attending one of our courses or having an on-site presentation, please contact us at (919) 365-9775. We can also custom-tailor a training presentation to meet your specific needs.

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NFPA 70E Training

Our goal in NFPA 70E training (“arc flash training”) is to present a tailored class to your employees that covers all of the required aspects of NFPA 70E. The topics are presented at an appropriate and easy-to-understand level, with references to the employees’ actual working environment.

Two classes are offered:

  • Awareness training: A 2-hour class designed for non-electrical personnel (operations, management, security, janitorial, etc.)
  • Qualified personnel training: A 4-hour class geared toward engineers, electricians, technicians, safety personnel, or any personnel directly involved in working on energized electrical equipment.

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Fundamentals of Synchronous Engine Generator Sets

Beginning with an overview of the components of a synchronous engine generator set, this course leads the student through the fundamentals of a typical engine and a synchronous generator. Concepts covered include:

  • Construction of the engine and the synchronous generator
  • The relationships between fuel, speed and real power
  • How generator excitation, voltage and reactive power are closely related
  • The fundamentals of speed control
  • How generators are synchronized to the grid and operated once on-line

Once the basics are covered, the course delves into how programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) are used to automatically control and operate synchronous engine generator sets. Next, the course describes protective relaying that is used to monitor and protect the equipment from abnormal conditions. Mechanical trips and alarms are then discussed. Finally, the dc systems that provide power for the operation of the circuit breakers and relays and the PLC controls are covered.

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Symmetrical Components

Symmetrical component analysis is a fundamental tool used when analyzing the unbalanced operation of three phase power systems. This class is an introduction to symmetrical components, covering both theory and application. Students must already have a basic understanding of power systems and equipment.

Symmetrical component analysis will be discussed and applied to:

  • Balanced and unbalanced faults
  • Transformer and generator analysis
  • Protective relaying

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Industrial and Utility Power Quality Topics

An overview of power quality issues affecting utilities and end users

  • Fundamentals
  • Transients, sags, grounding, harmonics
  • Metering and interpretation of data
  • Examples
  • Economic impacts

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An overview of theory and code issues related to utility, industrial, and residential grounding

  • Highlights of “Green Book” and NEC
  • Data Centers
  • Generators
  • Measurements
  • Ground grids, fault and lighting protection

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